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Anonymous asked: I remember hearing this before but from different chars "Dean: It's a means to an end. Cas: Dammit, Dean". Do you remember where besides 9x18 like it was said in past spn eps?

Bartholomew and Cas had a conversation about means justifying ends in 9x14, but didn’t use that exact phrasing. It’s a dilemma they come up against fairly often — whether it’s to torture for information, to get hopped up on demon blood, to accept being a vessel, etc.

Anyone else recognize that quote from another episode?

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darthkrytie asked: I wonder if the fact that April 15th is the last day to file taxes had anything to do with the low ratings. I know a lot of people scramble to get it all done by midnight. Even post offices are open late. Couple that with the fact that it was coming off another hiatus.

I don’t know, maybe. It was kind of a perfect storm of bad conditions!

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Anonymous asked: SPN wasn't preempted in the tri-state, I watched it on PIX 11 - that is a Jersey station and the "local" CW for Connecticut. The NYC stations (ABC 7, FOX 5, NBC 4, CBS 2) are my local broadcast stations.

Ah okay. Someone told me they’d read it was preempted in New York in the imdb comments. Maybe they meant upstate? I also heard firsthand from some people that there were tech difficulties in other areas that caused the channel to drop out for five minutes or so.

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Anonymous asked: I don't see Hannah being Cas' love interest, and Jared said that she's going to be in future episodes (never seen him tweet that about a guest star before) so she must be important. Maybe she offers her vessel to Cas before his grace burns out. I just don't want Destiel to become canon like this.

I don’t know that Jared spoiling her reappearance matters much — seemed just like his usual trying to add interesting behind the scenes tidbits while he live tweets. It was clear enough she’d be back anyways since we saw her at the end of the episode as part of Cas’s followers. It looks like she’s going to be a lieutenant for him. She could betray him to Metatron… or more likely get killed for the cause in the finale. That’d be a shame though. I really do not think she will be a romantic interest though.

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Anonymous asked: Okay, I'm really thinking Hannah is working for Metatron. Metatron said this episode he WANTS Cas to be leading the angels against him, right? And what was Hannah doing? She was the one encouraging Cas to do that, also reminded at the end when they share a look and she smiles proudly. Didn't Metatron also say somethinking about "leaving one person alive to tell the story" or something? And Hannah was the only one alive, telling Cas about Bad Guy Gadreel & how they refused and she'll help Cas etc

It’s quite possible that Hannah is a double agent. Metatron told Cas that he’d instructed Gadreel to leave one person alive to tell the story, but not that it was a specific person. She seemed sincere to me but you never know on this show. I really wish Cas would have an actual angel friend and ally again though!

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Anonymous asked: Where do you think Crowley plays in all this? Do you think he will try to control Dean like he knows something about the Blade. Also I wonder how they will deal with Gadreel, Metatron, Abaddon, Crowely, Cas stolen grace, Kevin/souls & MoC. I mean we only have 9x19-9x23 5 eps left. I have a feeling not all of them will be addressed in s9 but in s10. Becasue we saw the MoTw is in 9x19 & spinoff in 9x20. There is not enough time.

Crowley is totally setting up something with Dean — we saw him testing his “loyalty” the last time they met up in 9x17. He’s been known to withhold information too so him having more background on the Blade is a possibility.

There was a short quote from Carver today about Sam, Dean, and Cas going up against Metatron in the finale. And the synopsis for 9x21 has something to do with Abaddon trying to get Crowley to go after the Winchesters. Sounds like there is a lot going on in the last 3 myth arc episodes and they won’t be able to tie it all up. I’d guess that Gadreel dies, Abaddon possibly, and Metatron makes it on to season 10. We’ll end with some big cliffhanger and will be pulling out our hair all summer!

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Anonymous asked: Ok here's the thing about Shat's tweets. 1st I have been a ST fan before spn also a fan of Shat, Stewart, Nimoy & Fisher fan before Misha. I have followed them for a long time. The thing wit Shatner he plays/jokes wit ppl that he likes or has the same humor as him. Yes, he hasn't meant Misha but most likely by reading/googling Misha he would know some infor. Also they are both sarcastic, philanthropist & loves to interact with fans/people. If Shatner didn't like/care for Misha he would not p1

would not talk/tweet about him. He would tweet something then move along & forget that person. Take his tweets to Nimoy & Fisher he tweets/treats them the same way he does towards Misha but they are good friends. Another thing he wouldn’t call out “haters” & CW on M behalf or even DM Ellen about RA. So those “fans” that think Mr. Shanter hates M got something else to fangirl about. You won’t see him praising M that’s not his style. I really think he’s curious bout M. Shatner has been another thing Mr. Shanter has been in the same in Misha shoes. Have you heard about Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner. LOL you should check it out. Hís friends are doing the same thing he’s doing to Misha. Its all fun & game. To have someone like Mr. Shatner to spend his time bringing up your name for no reason just shows that he likes you. So Shatner is giving Misha a “roast”. So those “fans” think he hates Misha are so wrong but he won’t tell anyone that. ;)

Yeah he definitely likes Misha and teases that way, but he does give up the game sometimes: IGN today. There was also a tweet about Misha’s enemies being full of hot air or something like that, but I can’t find it at the moment.

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Anonymous asked: I think I got it. Carver's seasons are all about characters not being themselves. Which is bad cause I watch the show because the characters are the way they are, not to see them mind controlled all the time.

Uhh… I can’t really say that I see it as a break from previous seasons. As far back as Sam’s special abilities to demon blood drinking to being soulless to stuck with Hallucifer; plus Cas as Godstiel and then taking on Sam’s mental illness or whatever the hell that was. All things considered a little reprogramming from Naomi, possession by Gadreel, and the Mark of Cain aren’t so far off course. It’s not unusual for the genre. I agree it can get really old and has been overdone for Sam and Cas, but right now it’s Dean that we’re seeing and it’s revealing interesting things about his character, so I’ll take it.

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Anonymous asked: Pls Help Tweet TPTB "LilNerdyDudeW/Wings‏@wingless_cas·1 hr Hey guys, only-bros fans are tweeting TPTB saying how ratings reflect the poor quality of the episode. Leave a kind thankful message :)"

Those same ten or twelve obnoxious people are at it as usual, but I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m always for sending appreciative messages to Robbie though!

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rorycas asked: The final ratings for .7. I know there will be a lot of talk about bad writing, and I agree with some of that, but I think that it's less about fillers than scheduling issues. Last season had tons of fillers in the back half, and also forgot about Cas for a long period of time (almost no mention from 8x11-8x15, even when he was clearly not right), and the fillers were of varying quality, but they ran consistently. There have been so many hiatuses in the last few months. And when you have that

many breaks (I can’t even remember how many now - I think there was a week or two weeks after 9x13, then another break after 9x15, then yet another break after 9x17), some viewers will leave and not come back.

Really sucks that the ratings were so low. I agree about the hiatus problem but I don’t have any way to prove it. Maybe the ratings will go back up in this straight run up to the finale.

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